Gingerbread for All Seasons

It’s not just for Christmas anymore 점프맵 다운로드!

Delight your family and fill your home with holiday spirit, whatever the holiday, with beautiful gingerbread houses that you design and create firefox 3 다운로드! Whether you want to create a spooky Halloween mansion, a charming Easter cottage, or a traditional Christmas confection, Chef Ohrnstein can show you how Autodesk 123d design!

Chef Ohrnstein will work with you in the professional kitchen of her convenient Beverly Hills location, or in the comfort of your own kitchen. The cost is just $85.00 per house for groups of 4 or more Walking King. You’ll bring your favorite candy for decoration, and supplement with some of the special treats Chef Ohrnstein will provide.

Please contact Fun Food for more information Transparent Notepad.