Food Consulting and Styling

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Does your organization need help planning menus, testing or developing recipes, or training staff 하소연 다운로드? Chef Ohrnstein has shared her expertise with a variety of businesses. Here are just a few of her credits:

  • developed recipes for restaurants at several major companies
  • developed recipes for Homemade Baby, an organic baby food company
  • developed a series of gourmet, low-carb frozen food entrees for a private label following the Atkins concept
  • designed kitchens for both private and business clients
  • developed and tested recipes for “Soy Desserts” by Patricia Greenberg
  • developed a corporate menu for the Gilroy Sandwich Company
  • developed recipes for the home consumer using Stagg Chili
  • food styling for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kellogg’s, Stagg Chili, Lamb-Wesson Foods, Weinerschnitzel, Fiji Company, and others too numerous to mention

Please contact Fun Food for all your corporate food needs 작전명 발키리 다운로드.